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Do My Windshield Wipers Need To Be Replaced?

Windshield wipers are essential to your safety in unfavorable weather. According to the Federal Highway Administration, impaired visibility is a leading factor in 46% of fatal car accidents. Having windshield wipers that don’t function properly is an easy way to impair your vision on the road. In the US there are 3400 weather-related car accidents every day. It is extremely important that you know when your windshield wipers need to be replaced.

It is recommended that you replace your windshield wipers about every 6 months, although, depending on where you live and the type of wiper blades you have, you may need to replace them more or less frequently. The easiest way to know if it is time to replace your windshield wipers? Are you able to see clearly out your windshield when it is raining? If so, double-check for these additional warning signs:

  • do my windshield wipers need to be replacedCracks or breaks in the rubber
  • Bent frames/blades
  • Consistent film of grime on windshield
  • Squeaking noises while operating
  • Streaks on windshield
  • Imperfections in wiping pattern
  • Season changes (here in Idaho it’s a good idea to install winter blades during the cold months)

Windshield wipers are incredibly important, yet they are rather easy to replace. But, if you aren’t the hands-on type and would rather have a professional install your windshield wipers to ensure it is done correctly, come on over to Bargain Tire in Chubbuck, Idaho. One of our technicians will install new premium blades and get you back safely on the road in a matter of minutes. To learn more about our selection of windshield wipers give us a call today!