How To Defog Your Car Windshield

The cold weather has arrived here in Idaho, and with it comes the challenge of operating a car in less-than-ideal circumstances. Many of us have experienced those cold, winter mornings when we rush out to the car, running late for work, anxious to get on the road, only to find that the windshield is fogged up from the inside, forcing you to sit patiently and wait while the fog dissipates.

You are always better off waiting for a clear windshield than driving with your vision impaired. And although it usually only takes a few minutes to defog, it is sometimes hard to wait. Is it hot air? Or cold air? Many people switch the settings back and forth, impatiently trying to rid their windshield of the fog.

According to science experiments conducted by former NASA engineer Mark Rober, there is one combination of settings that is superior to all others.

  1.  Defroster on high.
  2.  Temperature control set to hottest temperature.
  3.  A/C turned on.
  4.  Turn off the inside air circulation.
  5.  Crack open the windows.

For a more detailed look at Rober’s experiment, check out his video:

This trick is helpful for defogging the inside of your windshield, but when heavier snow falls, you’ll need an ice-scraper to defrost from the outside of the windshield.

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