When To Remove Snow Tires

snow tire removal chubbuck idahoAs the weather warms up here in Chubbuck, many of us may wonder if it’s time to take off our snow tires. Our goal today is to help you better understand your snow tires and have a solid understanding of when it’s safe to remove them.

The Composition of Snow Tires

Snow tires are designed very differently from regular all-season tires. They are made with a softer, more flexible rubber that holds up well in cold conditions and generates more heat. This provides better traction and grip to snow and ice. Most snow tires are also studded.

Risks of Leaving Your Snow Tires On

These softer winter tires wear much faster when gripping warm, dry pavement. The heat they produce that is helpful in the winter creates a greater risk of tire blowouts in the spring and summer months. Winter tires also don’t maneuver or respond as quickly as summer/all season tires do and make it more difficult to stop. Snow tires also decrease your gas mileage.

Individual state laws require studded tires to be removed by a certain date. Here in Idaho, studded snow tires are legal from October 1 – April 30. Click here for requirements in surrounding states.


  • Your safety is most important. Wait until the threat of snow is gone to avoid removing snow tires too early.
  • Remove your snow tires when outside temperatures are consistently above 40-50 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Remove studded snow tires before April 30th in Idaho. Be aware of your individual state requirements.

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